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Sensual aromacare

Organic nail and cuticle care - Sensual


Sensual, a unique combination of nourishing Rosa Damascena flower water, Rosa Damascena oil and Juniper fruit extract.


Apply along cuticle lines and around the nail in light circular motions, followed by a caressing massage.


When the cuticle can be gently manipulated aside, any remaining traces of the oils should be removed before applying nail polish. Once nail polish is completely dry, a second layer can be applied.


Packaging: 5 ml UV phamaceutical glass bottle


Sensual aroma care nail

Aroma care Sensual


Gentle protection and hydration for nail and nourishing nail bed - reinvigorating appearance.


An excellent preparation before use of nail polish.


Effective results are achieved with quick and easy daily application to the cuticle and massaging oil.


USDA NOP certified organic

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