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Nails and Cuticles

The aromacare range of Rose, Lavender and Sensual products soften cuticles around the nails surface, gently hydrate and protect the nail whilst simultaneously nourishing the nail bed. The organic natural essential oil fragrances enhance relaxation.

These products can be applied along the cuticle line around the nail, and worked in with a caressing massage. Then when the cuticles are gently manipulated, any remaining traces of the product can be cleaned before application of nail polish. When polish is completely dry a second layer can be applied.

The daily practice of applying aroma care nailcare products into cleaned and prepared skin softens the cuticle establishing beautifully tender and flexible appearance.

Rose oil cuticle care - aroma care.

Apply along cuticle line around the nail, followed by a caressing massage until cuticles can be gently manipulated. Any remaining traces of the product should be cleaned up before application of nail polish.

Once polish has completely dried a second layer may be applied to further protect.

Packaging: 5ml

Rosa aromacare (1)

Organic lavender oil aroma care


Enhances relaxation, organic lavender ideal travel companion that reassures and calms.


Apply directly to pulse points (wrist, inside elbow, base of neck & temple) with gentle circular motion. 


Packaging: 5 ml

Lavender aromacare (1)

Organic nail and cuticle care - Sensual

Sensual, a unique combination of nourishing Rosa Damascena flower water, Rosa Damascena oil and Juniper fruit extract.

Apply along cuticle lines and around the nail in light circular motions, followed by a caressing massage.

When the cuticle can be gently manipulated aside, any remaining traces of the oils should be removed before applying nail polish. Once nail polish is completely dry, a second layer can be applied.

Packaging: 5 ml roller bottle

Sensual aromacare (1)

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