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Rose Kombucha

Rich living, beneficial probiotic bacteria, myriad attributes of naturally-carbonated organic Bulgarian Rose Kombucha includes improved digestion, increased energy and clarity of skin. 


La Vie en Rose Kombucha is a formulation on super-critically extracted oils and essences of organic Bulgarian Rose Damascena, providing the health benefits of Rosa Damascena and a delightful light rose flavour. There are upto 1,400 organic rose petals in each bottle.


Rose Kombucha may be consumed daily, it is best enjoyed before or in-between meals to aid optimal digestion and effects.


  • Enhances digestion and promotes detoxification
  • Enjoyable Natural aroma helps to soothe and relax
  • Promotes skin brightness and clarity
  • Rich in living probiotics
  • Preservative-free
  • Toxin-free
  • EU 834/2007 and USDA NOP certified 100% organic


Packaging: 330ml bottle


Organic IngredientsCamellia sinensis (green tea) leaves*, water (aqua), sugar*, kombucha culture*, Rose damascena (rose) oil*, Rose damascena (rose) extract**. 


*bio-certified ingredients

**bio-certified Co2 extracts


Cautions: Such as with any detoxifying products, Rose Kombucha may not be suitable for consumption by pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Kombucha La Vie en Rose




Why not try Rose drops or Rose tea?


100% Organic Kombucha La Vie en Rose is a fermented tea, an ancient potion, used for thousands of years with a features organic Bulgarian rose oil. 


The benefits of Rose Kombucha include improved digestion, increased energy and a clear mind which are combined with the myriad beauty benefits of Rosa damascena. 


Organic Ingredients: Green tea, Sugar, Filtered water and organic certified rose flavour made from Rose essential oil and Rose CO2 extract


Packaging: 330ml bottle



Such as with any detoxifying products, Kombucha is not suitable for consumption by pregnant or breast-feeding women.

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