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Organic Rose hip Ecomaat ingredient




How Rosehip Oil Benefits Your Skin


The benefits of Rosehip oil have long been known within organic cultivators, however it is only very recently that the mainstream high street beauty industry has started to appreciate the significant power Rosehip oil has delivering the type of glow laboratory synthesised brands have spent years trying to replicate. 


Rose Hip Oil A History


The history of rosehip oil use dates back to early Egyptian times, when women would use seed oils made by cold-pressing to heal and treat a multitude of skin complaints.  Evidence of rose-hip oil use has also been found in Mayan and Native American Indian cultures. More recent cultures have also taken advantage of Rose-hip internally, eating the hips with the seeds removed as a form of food supplement - either raw or turned into a syrup.


Today we recognise the specific Rose-hip’s anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties that make it so effective, naturally revitalising skin rendering it softer and smoother. These regenerative qualities are helpful with scarring (e.g. acne marks) and evening out of skin tone.


What Makes Rosehip So Powerful?


Primarily rose-hips are full of amazing phytosterols (the components of skin that are responsible for cell structure formation). It is these phytosterols that are also precursors of hormones and have a number of positive effects on the skin:


  • Collagen synthesis, 
  • Cell division, 
  • Barrier formation and thus prevention of moisture-loss


Secondly rose-hip oil contains high levels of natural omega fatty acids (3, 6 and 9) which help support the skin structure in a very skin-compatible, skin-friendly way. Omega 3 (linolenic acid) and Omega 6 (linoleic acid) are important factors in reducing both scarring and inflammation. This strong anti-inflammatory property is another powerful weapon in rose-hip’s anti-ageing armoury.

In addition, rose-hips are high in vitamin C, a key ingredient in skin repair that is antioxidant and stimulates production of collagen.


In very simple terms, this all means rose-hip represents a great natural anti-ageing, anti-dullness ingredient. Moreover, rose-hip oil benefits the skin by being light and easily absorbed, making it ideal for myriad skin types.


Quality Really Does Count


However, it should be noted not all rose-hip oils or extracts are made equal.


We believe the best way to capture Rose-hip oil benefits is through ‘supercritical’ CO2 extraction. A cutting-edge, ‘green’ method of extracting rose-hip oil that concentrates Rose-hip’s powers many times over and importantly retains its active components intact and unadulterated.


Research has demonstrated that the essential fatty acids contained in CO2 extracts help calm inflammation whilst the phytosterols work supporting skin structure, vital for anti-ageing care.


And finally, we always use organic rose-hip extract as research has shown that organically grown fruit has significantly higher levels of antioxidant vitamins that help protect the skin against free radical damage as opposed to non-organic. In our Natural and Deluxe cosmetics line you will find rose hip is one of our cherished ingredients!!! 


Organic skincare

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