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Dedicated to creating entirely organic products, many years of research and trials, Ecomaat believe this is how best solve individual skin care needs.


To get 2021 off to a good start we thought we would share some tips from our Ecomaat Academy team for healthy and beautiful skin.



Fresh and healthy looking skin is a real challenge especially during cold days. The aggressive effects of external factors such as cold wind coupled with abrupt temperature changes when transitioning from outside to warm and dry rooms, creates extreme discomfort and skin problems. As a result, your skin responds with irritation, micro-injuries, vascular problems (from which rosacea can develop), overall an unpleasant sensation of dryness, tightness, itching and flaking.



In these scenarios as a natural defence mechanism, moisture within skin surface layers drops dramatically (by up to 60%) which also causes damage to the hydro-lipid barrier. With this, the skins barrier functions reduce and the result is extremely depleted appearance with skin feeling that it needs immediate HELP!


Ecomaat organic skin care



We consulted our expert Danny, Head of the Ecomaat Academy who has decades of  experience in organic cosmetic skin care.



Her mantra was “first and foremost, the most important thing to remember is - hydration, hydration... hydration!”



Regardless of the season, EFFECTIVE HYDRATION remains the most important base for skin care!, there is nothing more important than this basic function in cosmetics! The vast majority of over-the-counter cosmetic products provide a superficial sensation of hydration and yet do not always moisturise skin effectively. Ecomaat are dedicated to creating entirely organic products, many years of research and trials, believing that this is how to best solve skin care needs.



Cosmetic products should always strictly be on an individual basis - skin type, environmental and lifestyle etc. All our cosmetics are produced based on many years of extensive studies, experience, observations coupled with ongoing research and development for myriad skin types. This approach enables us to produce organic products that combine only 100% organic active ingredients for truly effective daily skincare with long term results.



Winter and cold weather care for mixed skin 


With mixed / combination skin types it has a tendency to be oily, here Danny, suggests Pirina Balm as it toned and maintained skin hydration.


With a rich texture from 100% organic plant oils, Pirina gently envelopes skin without aggravating or leaving skin feeling oily. This balm protects against excessive water loss, noticeably improving skin elasticity and softness.



Mursal tea, Salvia sclera, Wild apple and Linden CO2 extracts offer pronounced antioxidant effects, normalising oily secretions and helping to rejuvenate skin.


Daily care with Pirina balm stimulates the skin's natural forces to regenerate, soothing, softening and revitalising it.



Anti age cell regenerating


Pirina Facial balm


Pirina organic facial balm







Care for the most delicate and sensitive skin


For those of you who often encounter the above dry irritated skin problems, Danny, suggests Natural & Deluxe - Irris Balm for intensive skin nourishment and softening.



A lipid-enriched conditioner that envelops the skin with a fine soothing nurturing layer, protects skin from drying out and from the harmful effects of the environment. From the first application, discomfort from excessive dryness decreases. Organic Iris, Rose hip and Aloe vera CO2 extracts provide powerful anti-inflammatory effects conditioning, preventing moisture and lipid loss, thus improving elasticity and turgor. Irris Balm is rich enough in texture to protect the finest and most sensitive skin for even winter sports lovers!



Daily care with Irris Balm intensively nourishes, moisturises and softens the superficial layers of dry and sensitive skin. It reduces the effects from the ageing process, restoring both skin elasticity and tone.



Anti age care intense  hydration


Irris Facial Balm

Irris organic facial balm




 Learn more of

Irris Facial balm





Anti-aging care for normal skin


If your skin is not so sensitive and still handles the challenges of winter relatively well - you should consider Maxima Balm, as it intensively hydrates and provides anti-aging prevention.



Lipid-rich texture that protects skin from surface dryness, providing excellent hydration, toning and radiance restoration. From the first application of the balm, skin turgor increases, with the skins natural protective properties and elasticity being noticeably restored.



White Rose alba, pink Rose damascene and Aloe vera CO2 extracts naturally soothe and nourish skin, enhancing hydration and boosting cell renewal. The aromatic molecules of rose alba when inhaled help normalise the production of melanin. These qualities endear Maxima balm suitable for the skin of outdoor pursuits including hiking high in the mountains, where the sun UV is much stronger.



Daily care with Balm Maxima stimulates cell regeneration, slows down the ageing process, hydrates and softens the skin.



Anti age rehydrating wrinkle care

Maxima Facial balm


Maxima organic facial balm




How to use Ecomaat products?


Ecomaat products are highly versatile - you do not need to use different ones for day, night care or eye contour.



To pamper your skin to the maximum, you can include oily serums for evening care, combining according to your skin type.



Irris balm + Zdravetz or Lilac serum


Maxima balm + Rosa serum


Pirina balm + Zdravetz serum



For the most effective hydration, always use alcohol free organic floral or thermal water to cleanse and prepare skin before applying oily serums.



Take care of your skin with love and tenderness, do not compromise with what you apply to it. Ecomaat products are simply, fully organic products, created with high quality active ingredients and uncompromising packaging - for a life with less synthetics and clean care for health and beauty.





Lilac Softening

Anti age facial serum


Lilac organic facial serum




Discover Lilac facial serum





Rosa Rejuvenate

Anti age facial serum


Bulgarian Rose organic facial serum



See more of

Rosa facial serum





Zdravetz Protect

Anti age facial serum


Zdravetz organic facial serum



Find out more

Zdravetz facial serum






Organically pure... Naturally effective

Cleansers, active oils and pure aromas


Ecomaat organic skin care





See more of our 

organic floral waters 


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