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Home La Vie en RoseLa Vie en Rose drops

La Vie en Rose drops

  • Rating:Rating: 10

La Vie en Rose Anti age - Rose beauty elixir - nutricosmeceutical supplement offering a wealth of substances extracted from 40 organic Bulgarian Rose blossom (Rosa damascena).


Rose drop consumption supports the natural functions of your body, helping improve the appearance of:


  • Skin (face and body)
  • Hair
  • Nails


Combined with a healthy lifestyle, La Vie en Rose drops extracts can aid skin, recuperating cell structure, enhance its moisture levels and elasticity whilst protecting skin against the aggression of single oxygen radicals (free radicals).


Suitable for: All skin types


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

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Rose drops La Vie en Rose
Rose drops La Vie en RoseLa Vie en Rose dropsLa vie en rose organic rose dropsLa Vie en Rose dropRose drops - La Vie en RoseRose drops - EcomaatOrganic rose drops La Vie en RoseEcomaat rose dropsBulgarian rose drops Ecomaat

Suitable for: All skin types.


Anti age La Vie en Rose drops enhance skin condition, maintain the beauty and youth of the skin from within.


Rose drops support the natural functions of skin, hair and nails. Consumption of rose drops is not only enjoyable but contains a wealth of substances found in our oil extracts - organic blossoms of Bulgarian rose, Rosa damascena.


Bulgarian rose oil has been recorded in numerous medical studies to have positive and beneficial impacts on the condition of:


  • Cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory systems
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Gallbladder
  • Liver
  • Excretory system
  • Cholesterol level and triglycerides in the bloodstream


When combined with a healthy lifestyle, La Vie en Rose drops extracts can aid the skin in recuperating its structure, enhance its moisture level and elasticity, and protect the skin against the aggression of single oxygen radicals (free radicals) resulting from environmental pollution and solar radiation.




  • Add up to 15 drops in 100 ml of pure, filtered water.
  • Enjoy with tea, coffee, juice, smoothies, champagne and cocktails.
  • Consume as part of daily beauty regime


Packaging: 30ml Bottle UV pharmaceutical grade glass


Organic ingredients: Rose damascena Co2 extract and essential oil (Vegan friendly, Preservative-free, organic and toxin-free)


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

by DA, 10 Jul 2019

Great product refer to my clients for digestion concerns. Its proven very popular with the capsules or Kombucha! Thank you

by XN, 28 Jun 2019

Amazing... lovely flavour and simply perfect

by NB, 11 Jun 2019

Wow, lovely flavour and scent. After a couple of days really sensed difference thanks!

by GE, 06 Jun 2019

Beautiful rose flavour. Has pleasing effects and great service!

by MF, 25 May 2019

Great relaxing drink - love that we can have it with tea or water. The skin effects take a little while but impressed.

by AL, 14 May 2019

Great product, exquisite flavour love it in my mineral water!

by P*, 02 May 2019

Great product and lovely customer service! Thanks

by PZ, 20 Feb 2019

Beautiful rose product - have used for over half a year and love the flavour and effect.

by GH, 05 Feb 2019

Very impressed the whole family use.

by OV, 24 Jan 2019

Quick, easy and very nice to drink. a bottle lasts about 3 weeks

by Z S, 18 Dec 2018

Really beautiful, loved the smell when opening. Recommend as it does certainly have good effect, especially with London climate and weather

by *k, 04 Nov 2018

Simply lovely rose... really enjoy the taste and effect

by *Y, 20 Sep 2018

Fantastic, used for the last week and these really do dates / smell roses. Skin feels very good as well

by A*, 18 Sep 2018

Love it, beautiful rose scent and taste. Started using it when revising helped our focus. Feel better physically all over

by T*, 13 Sep 2018

10/10 Its my daily treat and the taste is quite special.

by E*, 24 Aug 2018

Delicious really very nice and enjoyable. Really feel better and more alive!

by GDPR 13-07-2018, 22 Jun 2018

quite lovely idea, enjoy drinking and smelling enchanting rose! love that its so easy to carry in my bag to the office & shops!

by GDPR 13-07-2018, 17 Jun 2018

very nice, taste is much more enjoyable than cheaper rose drops, lovely!

by GDPR 13-07-2018, 28 May 2018

Really good rosa oil - taste is nice and effects are noticeable.

by GDPR 13-07-2018, 13 May 2018

really good, lovely flavour and smell. there really is something more with this than other rose drop.

by GDPR 13-07-2018, 04 May 2018

Very enjoyable light flavour. Have noticed physically feel better and more awake.

by GDPR 13-07-2018, 30 Mar 2018

Amazing! It’s a beautiful way to start your day with this in glass of water. My body and skin feel more active / energised, not to mention pleasingly soft.

by GDPR 13-07-2018, 03 Mar 2018

Had tried rose jam but never heard of drinkable rose. It lovely, i find it great way to start my day. It has a subtle taste and after a couple of days you sense its effects.

by GDPR 13-07-2018, 27 Feb 2018

Just amazing, such a delicate flavour. My body really does feel more active and alive!

by GDPR 13-07-2018, 16 Feb 2018

simply incredible, love the smell and its subtle flavour

by GDPR 13-07-2018, 29 Nov 2017

This is amazing - smells like rose, tastes like rose and I feel in better condition.

by GDPR 13-07-2018, 06 Nov 2016

Very good, lovely rose smell and taste. My skin is lighter and better condition less oily. Feel better as though my body fully cleansed.

Why Ecomaat?

Why choose Ecomaat products?


Ecomaat products:


  • Are based on fragrances derived from organically cultivated plants from our farms, in total harmony with their natural dynamics, without artificial fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and state authorised harvesting of wild grown plants collected from protected naturally pure areas. 


  • Aromas and oils are extracted in concentrated forms using traditional Bulgarian and “green” environmentally friendly state-of-the-art-technologies - CO2 extraction.


  • Natural fragrances are not only pleasant to experience, but are active cosmetic substances in their own right. Their molecules naturally impact skin, both on the surface and into its deepest layers, stimulating it to independently produce necessary substances, renew itself and improve its protective properties.


  • Ingredients - rejuvenating extracts and essential oils from Bulgarian medicinal plants, nourishing plant oils and waxes, are completely natural compounds.


  • Production is strictly controlled incorporating a number of methods, allowing Ecomaat to formulate stable and active blends. Whilst in the course of storage it is possible that their uniformity may be reduced, this will have absolutely no impact on their effectiveness.


  • “From field to final product” closed cycle producer of cosmetics and nutritional supplements. Ecomaat guarantee the quality of their active substances: essential oils, floral waters and unique Co2 extracts. All risk from cultivation through to bottling is eliminated including counterfeiting, manipulation or adulteration.


  • All our products and production facilities - including the techniques we employ fully support the health of the soil, plants, animals and man as a unified community with view to a responsible, ethical and sustainable legacy.


  • All packaging and bottles we utilise are 100% recyclable, incorporate ultra violet glass with graded strengths of protection reflecting the varying sensitivity of these valuable and potent extracts | essential oils. 


  • All our products carry production date and use by date


  • We operate with fully traceable source of organic ingredients.


  • Certified organic (Bio) by Lacon | USDA NOP | EU BIO-05 guaranteeing they only contain natural and pure ingredients.



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