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La Vie en Rose drops

La Vie en Rose drops

List Price:£25.00
Discount:£5.50 (22.00%)
Rating: 10

Anti age skincare....Beauty from within....


Ecomaat La Vie en Rose drops are anti-age nutritional supplements containing a wealth of substances extracted from the organic blossoms of the Bulgarian oil-bearing Rosa Damascena.


Consumption supports the functions and improves the appearance of:

  • Skin (face and body)
  • Hair
  • Nails

La Vie en Rose restores and maintains the appearance, beauty and youthful complexion of skin as it imparts unmistakable softening, toning and regenerative effects.


Regular consumption of La Vie en Rose brightens skin, prevents the appearance and effects of premature ageing.


For optimal results combine with:

  • Rosa rejuvenating Bio Skin facial serum
  • Maxima facial balm
  • Rose hydrating floral water
  • La Vie En Rose Aroma Tonic

Packaging: 30ml Bottle

Rose Damascena CO2 extract and essential oil

USDA certified organic 


Please note not intended to treat or prevent any illness


Not Available in USA

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USDA certified organic nutritional supplement, La Vie en Rose are based on the concept of "inner beauty “. 


Specially developed by Ecomaat Bulgaria with innovative technology (supercritical CO2) for the extraction of active substances from the exquisite flowers of Rosa Damascena.


La Vie en Rose is a 100% natural product - bio certified (organic) and is a unique combination conveying the delicate scent of the exlusive Bulgarian rose.


A nutricosmecutical product of extremely high quality and a powerful, effective nutritional supplement - contains active ingredients of Bulgarian rose. The proven ingredients in liquid form, ensure quick absorption and activity without side effects, La Vie en Rose positively improves and enhances skin condition.


La Vie en Rose maintains beauty and youth of skin owning softening and toning effects. The relaxing aroma of Bulgarian rose increases the resistance to nervous tension and is highly beneficial for gentle dream and repose.


Daily oral consumption of La Vie en Rose prevents premature ageing of the human organism.


For optimal results combine with Bio Skin Rosa rejuvenating facial serum and Rose hydrating floral water / La Vie en Rose aroma Tonic.


Packaging: 30ml Bottle

USDA certified organic


Please note - not intended to treat or prevent any illness


Not Available in USA

by Y K, 29 Nov 2017

This is amazing - smells like rose, tastes like rose and I feel in better condition.

by Wang Fang, 06 Nov 2016

Very good, lovely rose smell and taste. My skin is lighter and better condition less oily. Feel better as though my body fully cleansed.

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