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La Vie en Rose Aroma Tonic

Delicious extracts of organic Bulgarian Rose alba and Rose damascena grown at altitude on private ecologically responsible gardens.

Quickly purify, moisturise and rebalance your skin with “La Vie en Rose aroma tonic,” let its delicate aroma refresh and energise your senses and skin.

A face tonic that exhibits an exceptionally tender action by intensively hydrating and toning (vitalising), leaving your skins lipid barrier normalised, cleansed and enlightened.

Application of aroma tonic not only brightens dark spots but wonderfully evens tanning of the skin.

To refresh: Spray directly on to the face, hair and hands throughout the day.

To hydrate body skin: Spray directly onto dry skin areas

To hydrate and shiny glossy hair: Spray on clean lightly dampened hair

Suitable for all skin types and all age groups.

Packaging: 100ml bottle

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