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La Vie en Rose La Vie en Rose

100% organic deluxe floral waters of the absolute hightest quality - farmed and produced by boutique specialist. 

La Vie en Rose, Beauty from within...


Created with innovative technology that captures the active substances of the prized Rosa Damascena through supercritical CO2 extraction, based on the concept of "inner beauty"  available in capsule or drop form.


La Vie en Rose is a 100% natural product - bio certified and a unique combination blessed with the distinctive scent of the Bulgarian Rose - Rosa Damascena:

  • Prevents premature ageing of the skin and within the human organism
  • Actively maintains beauty and youth of the skin, imparting softening and toning effects
  • A nutricosmecutical product, of extremely high quality and effective nutritional supplement
  • Active ingredients of CO2 extract preserve the true “live" properties of beneficial substances
  • Ingredients in a liquid form ensures rapid absorption without side effects or loss of quality
  • Its relaxing aroma improves resistance to nervous tension, beneficial for sleep, dream & repose

Behind the perfect rose - The key to "La Vie en Rose"


There are only three or four oil-bearing varieties out of seven thousand varieties of Rose that exist. The most fragrant - Rosa Damascena Mill. has been known of for millennia and was introduced from the Middle East to what is today modern Bulgaria. A perennial, highly branched bush with a well developed root system that grows to 2m in height, the blossoms are a distinctive pink colour, with a potent and pleasant fragrance and are in sequence from the end of May towards the end of June.


Approximately 3-4000kg of blossom produces just 1kg of the now legendary Bulgarian rose oil and over one thousand compounds form the splendour and depth of its fragrance, which sets the world's standard of quality.


You may become familiar with the visible beauty of the rose, but it is impossible to become acustomed to its invisible beauty - the rose, given as a gift, will always be a symbol of love and we can always close our eyes and find the amazing fragrance in our heart. There the bio-energy of the rose inspires a unique and intimate experience for each of us: tenderness, freshness, splendour, purity, sophistication....


Organic Bulgarian Rose (8)

Beauty from within…


La Vie en Rose drops and capsules are a nutritional supplement containing a wealth of substances extracted from the blossom of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose. They support the function of the skin, hair and nails. It is not intended to treat or prevent any illness.


For centuries it has been known that products made from Bulgarian grown rose, when consumed orally have a distinct effect clearing the effects of facial tanning. During the 19th century, rose jam became very popular for its cleansing properties, its consumption on an empty stomach in the morning is considered to have better effect on facial skin that any ointment or whitening concoction.


La Vie en Rose drops and capsules contain precious particles from the perfect rose blossoms, and that is how they induce their cosmetic effects.


Consumption of these capsules or drops significantly enhance the highly desirable effects from Bio Skin Natural & Deluxe for optimal results:

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