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Sensual Sensual

100% organic deluxe floral waters of the absolute hightest quality - farmed and produced by boutique specialist. 

An aromatherapeutic blend of classic Oriental fragrances that are regarded for their balancing and harmonising effects.


Sensual reduces stress, relieves depression and alleviates anxiety.


This is a cosmetic product that nourishes & revitalises skin and enhances its structure. It exhibits hydrating properties and is suitable for face and bodies skin maintenance.


Essential Oils


Patchouli - preserves youthful appearance of the skin, decreases pore size;

Ylang-Ylang - balances the water content in the skin; it is one of the most relaxing fragrances in aromatherapy;

Galbanium and Vetiver - promotes relief and relaxation.


Packaging: Box of 8 x 10ml

USDA certified



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