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Body and Face Organic Spa Blends N - Z Body and Face Organic Spa Blends N - Z

Spa Maat Products are professional Spa oils, a selection of three types of basic aromatherapeutic products: essential oils, aromatherapeutic blends and floral waters. Each is intended for cosmetic procedure with intense effects, and are available in selected salons, spas and wellness centres.


Implemented synergistically, the essential oils, aromatherapeutic blends and floral waters generate new properties and produce even more potent results.

  • Softening, regeneration and enhancement of skin elasticity
  • Active anti-cellulite actions
  • Stimulation the processes of metabolism in tissues, improving blood circulation and immunity
  • Improving blood circulation and immunity
  • Efficiency of lymph drainage, normalisation of the tone of peripheral vessels
  • Bio-active resonance, hours after completing the massage procedure

…and most importantly, the balance of the body's natural processes: physiological and emotional


Aromatherapeutic body and face blends Femina, Energy, Joy, Relax, Sensual, Stimul and Summer - soften, smoothen the outer surface of the skin. They impact the structure of inter-cellular layers and restore the skins natural barriers. They contain a lipid complex incorporating - almond, avocado, grape seed, jojoba, peach, wheatgerm, olive and evening primrose plant oils.


Fragrances: The essential oils and extracts in Spa Maat aromatherapeutic blends transform any cosmetic procedure into an exquisite stress-relieving treat for the skin.


Available in individual 10 ml bottles or in box sets of 8 x 10 ml


Relax (2)

An aromatherapeutic blend whose fragrances relaxes the body and relieves stress at the end of the day.


Relax is an excellent choice of aromatherapy for the skin, with its  disinfecting, regenerating and mattifying effects.


The blend is effective for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin.


Essential Oils


Melissa / Petitgrain - fresh fragrances with potent relaxing properties;

Lavender - heals cells and stimulates their recuperation; A natural antiseptic and anti-depressant.


Packaging: Box of 8 x 10ml

USDA certified

Sensual (2)

An aromatherapeutic blend of classic Oriental fragrances that are regarded for their balancing and harmonising effects.


Sensual reduces stress, relieves depression and alleviates anxiety.


This is a cosmetic product that nourishes & revitalises skin and enhances its structure. It exhibits hydrating properties and is suitable for face and bodies skin maintenance.


Essential Oils


Patchouli - preserves youthful appearance of the skin, decreases pore size;

Ylang-Ylang - balances the water content in the skin; it is one of the most relaxing fragrances in aromatherapy;

Galbanium and Vetiver - promotes relief and relaxation.


Packaging: Box of 8 x 10ml

USDA certified

Stimul (2)

An aromatherapeutic blend stimulating the natural mechanisms of the body that are responsible for the elimination of cellulite and the melting of surplus weight.


It reduces swelling and imparts anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects to the skin. Stimul protects and preserves skin elasticity whilst tightening and toning tissue.


This blend is suitable for normal to oily skin types.


Essential Oil


Juniper Berries - exhibits diuretic properties; improves and preserves skin elasticity; supports cellulite elimination;

Lavender - promotes the elimination of toxins; demonstrates pain-relieving properties;

Rosemary - exhibits stimulating properties;

Grapefruit - tightens up the skin; shapes an exquisite silhouette, improves the condition of problematic skin.


Packaging: Box of 8 x 10ml

USDA certified

Summer (2)

An aromatherapeutic blend with the distinctly unique fragrance of  summer, an exquisite skincare solution that hydrates and heals the skins epithelial tissue. The blend gently stimulates blood circulation and filters out toxins.


Summer can be used as a prophylactic treatment against the formation of cellulite. It protects the skin against sun damage via a natural UV filter.


This blend is suitable for normal to dry skin types.


Essential Oils


Zdravetz (Geranium) - improves the condition of skin.

Juniper Berries - exhibits stimulating, purifying and refreshing properties; slows down the ageing process.

Marigold Extract - contains carotenoids - the natural form of Vitamin A; restores the condition of the skin after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.


Packaging: Box of 8 x 10ml

USDA certified

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