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Zdravetz Floral Water Zdravetz Floral Water

100% organic deluxe floral waters of the absolute hightest quality - farmed and produced by boutique specialist. 

Organic Zdravetz (Geranium Macrorrhizum) floral water is a refreshing hydrosol and the ideal toner or facial for blemished, combination and oily skin.


Aromatically pleasing, a natural face, neck and décolleté toner. The antiseptic and skin soothing properties of this organic Zdravetz floral water are derived from distillation of the leaves of Geranium Maccrorrhizum make it a natural and highly potent face or body tonic, with gentle hydrating properties that balance, comfort and tenderly nourish your skin. Geranium soothes and protects, while establishing a softer, supple appearance to your skin.

  • Skin complexion is improved and brightened
  • Helps prevent thread veins with regular usage
  • Softens and refreshes problematic skin
  • Gently soothes inflamed skin, weeping eczema
  • Natural skin toner

When applied as compress to face and neck provides alleviation of acne conditions, Zdravetz floral water assists with:

  • Oily skin
  • Combination skin
  • T-zone
  • Acne
  • Spots
  • Facial toner for skin blemishes
  • Pre-menstrual breakout
  • As a mood balancer

The authentic, unmistakable fragrance of Zdravetz offers soft, balanced effects and aroma-therapeutic and active cosmetics


Apply to: Suitable for any age and all skin types, especially oily, combination and teenage. Assists with acne prone skin and balances hormonal skin conditions.


Packaging: 100ml Pharmaceutical Glass Bottle

USDA Certified Organic

Ingredients: 100% Geranium Macrorrhizum Leaf Water*, 

Citronellol***, Geraniol***, Eugenol***, Farnesol***.


*   bio-certified ingredients

***natural compounds in essential oils

There are no parabens, SLS or SLES or alcohol in or used to produce these 100% organic bio active farmed products.



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