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Acne care - 100% organic products


Acne treatment is one of the most recent challenges associated with modern day skincare. Ecomaat introduce popular natural products for anti acne therapy all with 100 % organic ingredients!


Melissa acne corrector

Use daily to repair the skin in pimple-struck areas. Acne corrector contains -organic Lemon Balm, Lavender, St John's wort, White Yarrow essential oils and Marigold CO2 extract these have a highly calming, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, pore shrinking and medicinal effects.

Eleina Matte skin Tonic

Cleanses pores and removes excessive sebum. With a light texture and delightful aroma of Bulgarian rose, refreshes and improves skin protection without drying.

Floral Water - Lavender

Use as a skin tonic to refresh and cleanse facial, neck and neckline skin or before applying fluid/serum. Supports natural moisture, regulates the pH balance and refreshes the skin.

Floral Water - Chamomile

Appropriate for mixed and oily skin with highly expressed anti-inflammatory action. Soothes irritated and inflamed skin and affects acne-prone skin - disinfects, drys and shrinks pores.

Floral water - Rose

Hydrates and normalises the lipid barrier of the skin. Actions - toning, softening and whitening skin. Stimulates cell regeneration and skin renovation. 

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