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Organic floral waters - what do they do?


True floral waters contain micro-droplets of essential oil suspended in water and should be considered very different from water which has had essential oil and a dispersant added.

Ecomaat are proud to only offer "purpose produced" from fresh organic plants, unlike commonly mass produced "by-product" from the distillation process when producing essential oils or using dried plant material.  

The name ‘floral water’ causes some confusion as it can conjure in the mind of something which smells sweet or floral - this is not always the case. Indeed many true floral waters do not smell identical to the plant from which they originated or essential oil which may arise from the distillation of such plant material.

Their aroma can be pungent and earthy, quite pleasant and reassuring. Some hydrolats are completely devoid of smell due to the minuscule proportions of aromatic compounds present and still others smell quite musty. The lack of aroma, however, in either the plant or the hydrosol does not detract from their potentially very useful therapeutic properties.


What qualities do floral waters offer?


La Vie en Rose aroma tonic - White and pink rose floral water - 100 ml (Rose Alba + Damascena blossom)

Suitable for: all skin type, hydrating / balancing / softening cleanser - increases moisturiser + serum absorption


Bulgarian Rose floral water - 100 ml (Rose damascena)

Suitable for: all skin type + hair, rejuvenating, balancing, cleansing, moisturising, softening and toning


Chamomile floral water - 100 ml (Matricaria recutita)

Suitable for: all skin type, under eye dark circles, pore tightening, skin toning (elasticity) and hydrating


Lavender floral water - 100ml (Lavandula angustifolia)

Suitable for: all skin type, acne / combination / sensitive / inflamed, astringent, pore cleansing, healing + balancing


Melissa floral water - 100 ml (Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm)

Suitable for: all skin type, couperose, dry, eczema, anti oxidant / viral / inflammatory, moisture retention, calming, soothing 


Clary sage floral water - 100 ml (Salvia sclarea)

Suitable for: all skin type, acne/combination/,mature/oily, hydrating, balancing, sebum regulating + soothing


Zdravetz (Bulgarian geranium) floral water - 100 ml (Geranium Macrorrhizum)

Suitable for: men + women, acne / mixed / oily / sensitive, sebum regulation, elasticity, detox, cellulite + edema


Bi Phase make up remover - 100 ml (Lavandula angustifolia)

Suitable for: all skin type, freshening gentle cleanser, rebalances skin soothing


Mattifying rose toner - 100 ml (rose damascena)

Suitable for: combination and oily skin, gentle rejuvenating, pore cleansing, balancing, hydrating, protecting, softening and toning without drying skin


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