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Kombucha La Vie en Rose


Rich living, beneficial probiotic bacteria, myriad attributes of naturally-carbonated organic Rose Kombucha includes improved digestion, increased energy and clarity of skin. La Vie en Rose Kombucha is a formulation on super-critically extracted oils and essences of organic Bulgarian Rose Damascena, providing the health benefits of Rosa Damascena and a delightful light rose flavour. There are upto 1,400 organic rose petals in each bottle.


Rose Kombucha may be consumed daily, best enjoyed before or in-between meals to aid optimal digestion.


• Enhances digestion and promotes detoxification

• Enjoyable Natural aroma helps to soothe and relax

• Promotes skin brightness and clarity

• Rich in living probiotics

• Preservative-free

• Toxin-free

• EU 834/2007 and USDA NOP certified 100% organic


Organic Ingredients:

Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaves*, water (aqua), sugar*, kombucha culture*, Rose damascena (rose) oil*, Rose damascena (rose) extract**.


*bio-certified ingredients

**bio-certified Co2 extracts


Cautions: Such as with any detoxifying products, Rose Kombucha may not be suitable for consumption by pregnant or breastfeeding women. 


Kombucha La Vie en Rose

*****NOT IN STOCK*****

Why not try Rose drops or Rose tea?


100% Organic Kombucha La Vie en Rose is a fermented tea, an ancient potion, used for thousands of years with a features organic Bulgarian rose oil. 


The benefits of Rose Kombucha include improved digestion, increased energy and a clear mind which are combined with the myriad beauty benefits of Rosa damascena. 


Organic Ingredients: Green tea, Sugar, Filtered water and organic certified rose flavour made from Rose essential oil and Rose CO2 extract


Packaging: 330ml bottle



Such as with any detoxifying products, Kombucha is not suitable for consumption by pregnant or breast-feeding women.

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