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Ecomaat, organic skincare cosmetics* are for all ages, skin types and skin conditions - ranging from organic Rose anti wrinkle perfume to intense Spa and home programmes delivering quick results and long lasting effects. 
Our organic raw materials are processed within hours of harvesting ensuring that we only create, optimal quality - highly active organic skincare oils, serums & balms for Spa, Salons, Therapists and elite home skincare... simply beauty by nature.

Our Featured Products

Cultivated on family farm situated in micro climates at the very peak of Bulgaria's Rose Valley, cited between the Sredna Gora & Stara Planina mountain ranges, our plants are nurtured in ecologically protected soils and fed by naturally pure thermal springs.
Ecomaat products contain only active ingredients from pure essential oils & extracts; 
We do not use chemically synthesised; stabalisers, emulsfiers, solvents, GMO's, flavouring, colouring agents, preservatives, UV filters,
mineral oils, silicon or propylene gel or any ionizing treatment.
Not sure, we would be delighted to assist you - simply email our customer service team with your query here: Customer service 
*USDA 100% certified organic

Rose Otto

Rose Oil, Lavender, St Johns Wort, Melissa, Zdravetz, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Scotch Pine, Yarrow, Juniper Berry, Peppermint and Thyme essential oils.

Floral waters - Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Zdravetz, Melissa and *New* Eleina

Spa Maat - 100% organic massage products for all skin types, ages and conditions

La Vie en Rose - Rose oil Nutritional supplement and skincare

Natural & Deluxe - Organic balms, serums, body oils and perfume

Aromacare - nailcare

Make up removal - Heber

Pregnancy and baby care - Massage oils Dodo and Amarna

Rose Perfume

Rose tea


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